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Questions to Ask Any Attorney!

By Cathy Norwood - January 7, 2014

ALL ATTORNEYS ARE NOT EQUAL. If you go see another attorney, we strongly suggest that you ask any other attorney the questions below. No two attorneys are alike and we believe that you should know the answers to these questions before you make a decision on whom to hire. For example, one reason why this […]

Your First DWI? You Can Still Get Up to 1 Year in Jail!

By Doug Norwood - August 10, 2013

Trying to handle a DWI / DUI charge without an attorney, or with an inexperienced attorney, can have devastating results. If a friend or family member has told you that a DWI / DUI  is “no big deal” – that you will “just have to pay a fine and do alcohol classes,” they do not […]

Should I Plead “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” To My Criminal Charges?

By Cathy Norwood - August 10, 2013

Should I Plead Guilty or Not Guilty To My Criminal Charges? You should definitely plead NOT GUILTY to your criminal or traffic charge!  The first court hearing is called an arraignment. If you hire our law firm, we will enter a “Not Guilty” plea for you at your arraignment and YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT HAVE […]

A Felony Conviction Could Mean Prison Time, As Well As Loss Of Your Gun Rights!

By Doug Norwood - April 18, 2013

Felony charges are always serious. Every felony charge holds the potential for PRISON TIME and large fines. We have defended several thousand Felony charges. Our criminal defense legal team uses that experience, and problems we find with the prosecutor’s evidence, to work toward really great outcomes for our clients. Those may include winning your case, […]

The Hidden Costs of DWI

By Cathy Norwood - May 15, 2014

The Hidden Costs of DWI You may know that if you are convicted of a 1st offense DWI, you could spend up to one year in jail and you may know you will have to pay some fines and court costs. But did you know that there are other hidden costs if you are convicted […]

If You Plead Guilty to a DWI, You Could Go to Jail!

By Cathy Norwood - May 20, 2014

If you plead guilty to a DWI, you could go to jail. You may have been misled into thinking that a DWI is no big deal and that you’ll just have to pay a fine and take some classes. In Arkansas, if you plead guilty to the judge, you could be sentenced to jail for up to a […]

Sex Crimes, Drug Defense and Other Felonies

By Cathy Norwood - June 23, 2014

If you’ve been charged with a felony in the state of Arkansas, it is critically important for you to understand the consequences if you are convicted. Penalties for felony convictions are harsh. If you’re found guilty they could include prison time, high fines, loss of gun rights, and voting rights. The first thing that you […]

Do You Need a Lawyer?

By Cathy Norwood - July 13, 2014

You don’t have to have an attorney but we believe that you need an attorney to protect your rights, and an experienced one. There are two main reasons to hire an attorney. The first is that the only probable way to win your case is to have an attorney. The second reason is that if […]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

By Cathy Norwood - July 19, 2014

What you don’t know can hurt you. You have something to lose when you are charged with a crime. Depending on what crime you have been charged with, you may not know that you may lose your job, lose your freedom, lose your ability to stay in your apartment, lose your scholarship, lose your gun rights, lose your insurance, […]

Norwood and Norwood has Successfully Defended More Than 8,000 DWIs

By Cathy Norwood - August 24, 2014

The Norwood & Norwood DWI legal defense team has aggressively defended more than 8,000 DWIs over the course of 25 years and won a large number of DWIs. We are not afraid to go to bat for you including taking your case all the way to trial. The team with aggressively fight for your rights […]

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